The impact of interest rates when you decide to wait to purchase.

Should I buy a home now while interest rates are low, or should I wait for prices to decrease? I’m asked this question all the time, so today I’ll dive into what can happen if you wait too long to buy.

If you bought a home in the $550,000 price range with 10% down at a 2.75% interest rate, your payment will be around $2,021 per month. If you wait and hope that prices drop in the near future, which doesn’t seem likely, you would have to buy a $456,000 house with 10% down at a 4.25% interest rate to get the same monthly payment.

A $100,000 price drop equals a 2% rise in interest rates. We’re expecting interest rates to increase this year and over the next couple of years. I recommend buying now while interest rates are low to lock in that payment and not gamble with prices.

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