Find out what happened to the Colorado Springs market in May 2022.


How did the real estate market in Colorado Springs do in May 2022? Today we’ll give you a quick report on the market conditions from last month:

  • The median price for homes in May was $487,000, which is a $2,500 increase from April.

  • The average sales price decreased by $8,000 from the previous month to $554,013.

  • 1,689 homes were sold last month. That’s 200 more than were sold in April.

  • There are around 2,200 new listings in the market. 

  • Days on market are slightly up at 11 days, and the list-versus-sales price is at 103%.

  • We still have a strong seller’s market. The average seller receives around 3.1% more than their asking price. 

There is currently a shift in the market, and we will discuss it in detail in our next blog update. We are also going to have a new selling webinar, which will talk about what you can expect if you put your house on the market. For any of your real estate concerns, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’ll be happy to help!