When referring to real estate, what does “volume” mean? It has nothing to do with sound or a measurement of liquid but everything to do with a measurement of activity. Specifically, let’s say a Realtor says they “sold x in volume.” It doesn’t refer to how much money they made, but the sum total of the sale prices of the properties they sold. If they sold five homes at $100,000, they have $500,000 in total volume.

The Realtor gets paid out of that total dollar volume, but it varies so wildly that it’s not necessarily a metric we track. Just because an agent sold $10 million in volume does not mean that their take-home pay was anywhere near that.

“Total dollar volume isn’t something we necessarily track.”

It’s really good to know how many houses fit into that volume. One million in volume means one thing in the front range, but it means something totally different in Vail. 

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