How do you pay for repairs in your home when you’re equity rich but cash flow poor at the time? I just received an inspection objection from a buyer for one of my seller clients whose home had multiple issues that needed fixing. The seller wants to do them and the buyer needs them to get done, but the seller has a lot of money put down on another property; they’re cash poor at the moment. So how do we handle this type of situation? 

We have a group of professionals that we’ve worked with for about 20 years who will do the work before closing but are willing to wait to be paid until closing. This is valuable! They’ll replace the roof, paint, do plumbing and electrical repairs, and more to ensure this transaction closes, and the seller can pay for it all at closing. This makes things easy and allows for a stressless experience. We also schedule all of the vendors to be there before closing and ensure they get paid in the end. 

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