A quick dive into the real estate statistics for last month.

What did the real estate market look like in January 2022? That data is in, so let’s take a quick dive into the stats for last month:

  • Our median sales price was $445,000. We saw a continuous uptick in prices last month.

  • The average sales price was just under $495,000, which is up 1% from December 2021.

  • We saw 1,058 homes sell. That’s less than what we saw in December.

  • The days on market went up one day from 13 days to 14 days. Remember that this is just from the time an offer hits the MLS to when it’s accepted.

  • The average sale-to-list price ratio was 101.6%.

There were fewer sales than in December, which is a common trend. The sales price went up, but not significantly. On any given day, there were fewer than 400 homes available across all price ranges and parts of the Pikes Peak region. 

“Buyers need to be super competitive if they want to win a home.”

It was crazy because we’re used to having several thousand homes available. On some days, there were as few as 200 homes available. This is a strong seller’s market, and buyers need to be super competitive if they want to win a home.

If you want tips to help you sell or buy a home in this market, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you.